Our ideal candidate should have

  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript
  • In-depth understanding of React.js concepts and workflows
  • Experience with:
    • modern methodologies (styled-components, styled-jsx, etc.)
    • common development tools (Babel, Webpack, Eslint, NPM, etc.)
    • TypeScript
    • Git
    • GraphQL

Extra valued

  • Data fetching tools (Fetch API, React Apollo, swr, etc.)
  • UI Components (Ant Design, Chakra UI, Material UI)
  • Testing libraries (React testing library, Jest, Cypress, etc.)
  • CSS frameworks (TailwindCSS)
  • Form state management and validation (Formik, react-hook-form, Yup)

Why choose HOV?

  • An epic team you can learn from and rely on
  • Open, respectful and international culture. We value you for who you are at HOV
  • Work from anywhere
  • If it helps you level up, we sponsor paid courses and programs