High Output Ventures is looking for aspiring and driven backend engineers to maintain existing software and build new and exciting products. High Output Ventures is a growing company who puts emphasis on processes and results as well as career-growth and success of individuals. If you want to build your career, this is the right place for you.

Qualifications to be a Backend Engineer

  • Proficiency in backend web development in Typescript/Javascript (NodeJS).
    • Proficiency in widely-used DBMS technologies, such as:
      • MongoDB
      • MySQL
      • PostgreSQL
    • Knowledge in version control (git)
    • Experience in any of the following is an advantage:
      • Building APIs in REST, GraphQL, gRPC
      • Knowledge in deployment and build tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Bazel, Ansible
      • Data analytics

    Responsibilities of a Backend Engineer:

    Participate in the entire application lifecycle focusing on building the backend software
    Write clean code and tests to develop a functional and reliable APIs for web applications
    Collaborate with Frontend Engineers to integrate APIs
    Build reusable code and libraries to simplify future developments
    Troubleshoot and debug applications
    Collaborate with various departments such as product and design to gather specifications and requirements
    Collaborate and work with QA to ensure high quality of output
    Follow emerging technologies
    Adapt to reasonable changes
    Work off hours 6PM to 2AM Philippine Time
    Resolve minor bugs and issues reported by clients.
    Gather data and findings for major bugs and issues reported by clients.
    Work on minor feature development tasks (when there's no support load)
    Provide initial response to downtimes or outages

    What it's like to work here
    Paycheck is always on time
    Kind and friendly environment with coworkers who collaborate and help each other
    Open, respectful and international culture
    Work from anywhere with some flexibility in work hours
    Continuously improving engineering processes and patterns for effective development
    Great career-growth opportunities to those who aspires to level up